by mercury

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I thought I'd wake up at 10 / I'm sleepin in on the low dream of stacking them ends / my bank account on swole it got my dick so hard / it's only four in the mo(rning) the day just got start-ed / got to work on the road dream felt so good / something soft on my thigh caressing all on my wood / and it's oh so righ she flip me onto my back / with that morning delight I say you hungry my baby? / then she gulped down tight [chorus] cuz when she hungry for more / I make omelettes / x3 (baby) and when she want that full / I make omelettes / x3 (baby) start that day off right / I make omelettes / x3 (baby) get yo fill in girl / I make omelettes / x3 (baby) (crack them eggs / whip them eggs / eat them eggs) I got that breakfast girl / most-important meal of that day I got that sausage girl / put-the-hash brown hot on yo plate now bring that ass right back / baby-put dem cakes righ here I got them jacks flapped n stacked / ain't nobody playing round here I got that oven preheated / I'm just stirring up muffin her leg stuck as I eat it / ain't even whipped out the stuffin early morning cuddle cuffin / talking early burnin loving most niggas go to work / _and ain't ate nuffin?! what's yo problem? / ain't you hungry x2 [chorus] _when I wake up / she already know (ey yeah) _want that coffee cake / glaze it fore I go (ey yeah) _know we fresh baked / finest in the roll (real tight) _like a blunt cake / papers how she roll (real tight) _blankets so warm / we ain't never cold (hot hot) _bedroom summers / sweating through the folds (hot hot) _munchies stirring / pantry on swole (wholesale) _watch me kill it / then go right back for more / of that good breakfast [chorus]
[chorus] brown sugar oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins is how I made the payments / is how my fucking day went / i _woke up / bank on overdraft / gas tank less than half / with no roaches in the dash like great / missed breakfast / bus I'm running late / gotta skate / cause the car down / ain't no triple a like fuck / bus gone / now I'm call-in gotta talk to Sharon / I'm not really carein / for her tone / "this is the third time you've had this issue... " bitch / dock me / thank you, next [chorus] (are you for real?, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan cmon) niggas think that im not great at my job / motherfucker I am a rocking / jocking / cocky heartthrob / with a swagga / that's past the raftors / entertaining da mob as I rob / the hearts and minds and souls of millions of sobs / therefore / you gone have to pay for my shit / and if I quote you on the price / best believe that is it / I need money / money yo for me is shit / it show they fuck with my art / and they be needing my shit I'm a hope dealer / dope hitter / muse figure a cacophony of tones / words / and rythym nigga / I am the rope splitter / neck healer / flow you feel the vibe / and come alive / that's how you know I gotta eat bro / I gotta eat bro / I gotta lotta needs yo / lotta needs yo / you notta priority / not now no for me / yo you notta priority / not now no for me / yo don't bother [chorus]
hydrate i 03:42
help me / I said help me why you look so goooooooood baby? help me / I say help me if only I cooooooould baby cause you cool sip / on a hot day / yeah with them big lips / and your sashay / god damn water so cold / make a nigga bold I caint control / I gotta get her when I see her / but I don't wanna mistreat her / goddaaaaaaaaaaamn [chorus] _ / you just need to drink some water / you so thirsty / you so hot / you can't focus baby x4 _don't be playing with me now _you see the throne / n the beast / n the crown _i heard you saying you was slayin / with the wow _selfies with the phone / the least / of the gown just ass / you think a nigga really gone pass / on a phatty that fast / you really I got it like that I'm really to have it rabid / ravage / I waiting on your signs passage / let's go but I don't wanna step upon ya toes / if you wanna take it slow / lemme know / but you gotta lemme know like you really really gotta lemme know / I can know how this shit go / aziz / when you cease on a hoe / status quo / do you consent / there's the do / if it's no / I don't resent / please know / I've no cents / and no sense / for these woes you teasin pros / at my expense / sip slow hydrate [chorus]
[chorus] (jeezy flow) I stir my smoothies with my big dick / oooooooo brain freeze but I think quick / yeah baby we ain't playing games / tasting pineapples / tropical in rain / yeah / heat is on / got the streets watching yeah / I got the juice and now streets popping / daaaamn / super sweet is how the flavor taste get that smoothie on her tongue / cuz she love the taste she want this banana / coconuts and almonds cinnamon / and mint cookie crumble / often cashew milk is making the recipe sweeter I mix it up / lick it up / then twist it / entreat her she sip it / I dip it / then hit it with vanilla caramel / what the hell / I put it all in her got her fiendin for the blend / sweet love / anita all I want is Debbie cakes / she baker / I needa colada pina / ice cold / crown rocks toes curled / backshots / Jill Scott / whoa / long straws with the bop / spit slop Betta suck it for it melt / tick tock we get it poppin tho / daiquiri and tonics smoking heavy tho / foreign and exotic we off the henny tho / look at what she started a messy finish / tho / mint leaves for the garnish daaaaaaaaaamn [chorus] lean and mean / we with don't fuck with heifers all about the organic nigga / we make em fresha when I whipped out my selection / had her under pressure I gave her my suggestion / and she love gentle gesture now she giving her patronage with no protection / I measure her leisure / as pleasure / connection / conjecture lovely texture / full bodied / who does it better I pour it to slowly rim / creeping on her edge / I switch the style up / with peanut butter nutella / super thick / how I gutter her / ooooo- -oooooooooo / I got the berry molasses / float and stinging on her tongue / call it Cassius daaaaaaaaamn / I keep it real one hunnid tho _her friends get jealous / talking bout they wanna kno shiiiiiiiiiit / I keep it real one hunnid tho _if the queen is down / I can make another yo giiiirll [chorus]
challah bread / yo you got that aged swiss / yeah you got that spicy mustard / I know you that dill pickle / 2 to top that / whoa extra meat / _I need that slice of bacon / _i need that tomato / red onion / cucumber / need that then slide the turkey right up under / clean that sliced / diagonal / fuck the lettuce sprinkle salt pepper oregano / add the spinach I ain't fucking finished / I got 30 minutes / max got your tip plus ya tax / cuz I'm in a hurry / I want it grilled / melt the cheese / and if ya please one of these / bags of salt-n-vinegar cheeps / wash it down / with a splash crown / glass of water / maybe sip some juice / n-I'm back on the town lunch / [chorus] got it when you call baby / jive turkey gone and eat it all baby / jive turkey you can have it all baby / jive turkey we got food for y'all baby / jive turkey _ _ / whipping the cool / we in the building _ _ / what did you want / what is you feeling _ _ / something petite / nothing that Illin _ _ / a dash of mystique / mrs. be chillin _ _ / I'm trying snack / eat-on-da ceiling _ _ / I got the pack / nigga we dealing _ _ / I send it back / if-it-aint killin _ _ / my munch attack / only-if you willing num num / taste so yum yum / make ya want em come come / get you some some / shake ya bum bum rub em / ya breasts / I love em / now let me touch em I got manners / I don't trump em / so I don't rush em / eat it slow / take ya time / I'm enjoying mine every crumb / got me done / it's so divine I do design / the type and kind / that blow ya mind I swear I shine / on the beat / the track rewind / LUNCH [chorus] I love your customer service / x4
I eat light / nigga ask about me x2 (ey job finish your breakfast x-) call me caesah / cuz I be ruling the greens / in all seasons good weed / I seize on that / need no reason / heat on-I got to be on / max / flow with the tree on deck / facts / I lean on packs / of gold been foretold / the return of the heavenly soul / bold and bright / perfectly fold / laundry mode / bouncing / bouncing / in the spot / the young and the old I'm killing the whole / damn lot / crunchy lettuce / in the yard / eat it all / like bus Jerome Bettis / I steel nigga / with steel / and they still / do not get it's / a bout with lame bets / tame hittas fake fitteds / get mauled quick / we all lit / hard picked romaine / for cats with no names / trying to play games catch ebola / can't control ya / bowel / shit stains upon my boot / bane / back break / pain / bat mane insane / smoking ivy.p / og / planes go boom / fire rises / no surprises / I bring demises if you scared to die / close ya eye lids kids / I cut privates / then kill the college / ya triggered no changes means mo violence / n honestly this nigger speaks so well / the cast he spells / spells doom for you fools who assume / that I do not dwell with greatest debaters / tainers-enter the room see me and be like / oh shit / its the young denzel you know me oh so well / and if you could not tell I make the game go heal-thy / the belly swells counting shells / on my pistachio table nigga stay upon my nuts / like I'm leeching free cable / well when the water runs dry / don't ask why / this tree is the only smoke that I put in the sky / and that's why I'm freshest when it comes to the mic / got that Italian vinegrette / with these croutons on the side / you take a bite / and come alive / when I spit it's a vibe homicide upon the beat / keep it street / with the jive I will / value instill / each and every rhyme / lyrically tossing your salad / with each and every line pause
[chorus] I don't give a fuck bout you niggas / what you think when you see me popping bottles / amaretto is the drink puffin garlic in our coffins / bloody wines is in our ink keep it private in the link / amaretto is the drink x2 muphugah / neck sucker / leaving hickeys witda henny / press my luck-her / thighs so sticky when she kiss me / heart flutter / she went and bit me incidentally / under the covers / hiding her freaky crimson sheets / blood runs deep / she creep and sleep a monster / twilight seeps / as new moons heat eclipsed beats / I grind feats / like skateboard feet t.hawk meets / the blade bad boy / snipe westly / amaretto [chorus] muphugah / we sip and wonder / stakes in the heart / we hover / over the world with hunger / villains / with loot to plunder cool / cherry and walnut roasted smooth taste / flavor is outer space / then chase with virgin grapes swagger / attack ya / enthrall ya / maul ya / then after forever living like bachelors / but faster / master this caste of Merlot / I'm talking reds so you know / I like em sweet with a subtle beat / of a classic pino / down touch that bottle / let go! _girl / I got fangs in the shadow _girl / this wicked thang / can ya handle _girl / raising hell / singing battle _girl / tryin to slay me / got the ammo-, heartbreaker / bedroom staker queen of the damned / you a damn good shaker /- -ijustwant it in the sunlight / I'm a bad daybreaker / then I turns to ash / and I'm gone / see you later baby girl I am legend / scratch that / I'm a myth don't even dare deny it / got my classics on ya lips and my hands upon ya hips / we keep dancing on a tryst feel the passion when we kiss / I hit your spot and never miss / and girl I know you want the fire / _hand to god / I won't hurtya lighter / _the weed is broad / it won't hurtya fire / _meltin the ice / get wetter lighter / _sippin it nice / loving you better / amaretto [chorus] x2
I got the vision / sweet precision / subtle tension is on my written / much more to mention / so pay attention I'm thinking billions / fuck it trillions / new numbers so many os / I'm cheery / whoa / endless summers no time for stuntas / where the gunnas / where the huntas we need a leader / we need the god / to bringin thunder make some noise / breakin boys / and rising men fuck the toys / money voids / the system ends here's the power / cut the cowards / the day is ours long battle / horn cattle / steak for hours eatin ribeye / filet mignon / yeah we on in our zone / breakin it? / bitch ya gone turn me down get slapped quick / switch around pimp hand / bigger blacker / as I dick it down I'm the head nigga in this motherfucker / you suckas / respect the hustle / I muscle / upon bustas / barbeque [chorus] and if a nigga on the block / you gone catch em grillin when you see in the spot / you gone catch em chillen and if a nigga got a lot / I'ma see how he livin when I see him and it's hot / we get that chicken x2
girl I-got yo dinner ready / cooking all day know you work so hard / n had a long day jammies / joints are prepped along with bubble bath girl take off them clothes / and let me see that ass [bridge] you so damn / sexay legs / thighs / and breast / baby tell me how you want it lady / well done made enough for everyone / gone get ya some so damn / sexay hot / sweet / and sticky / bet ya can't wait tell me where ya want your sauce / everywhere make a mess / get sloppy / I dont even care [chorus] girl I got that barbeque for you baby x8 some like it sweet / some like it spicy I made both just for you / and its gone suit you nicely marinated / and glazed / with cajun flavors every bite so delicious / make you wanna savor I want you to know I'm proud of you / suga I see you on your grind / believe you could suga let me take the stress from up off / in yo mind rub you feet / n crack yo toes / sit back / recline [bridge] you so damn / sexay legs / thighs / and breast / baby tell me how you want it lady / well done made enough for everyone / gone get ya some so damn / sexay hot / sweet / and sticky / bet ya can't wait tell me where ya want your sauce / everywhere make a mess / get sloppy / I dont even care [chorus] [under] you see I've... got that cooking / that slow roasted / that soul food baby so good looking / I stay toasted / with whole food baby x2
if you ever get pulled over / always know your priority is life first / cause these niggas will blow yo / motherfucking head off / nigga I ain't playin don't become a hashtag / in safety / should you stay in all the time nigga / hands at 10 n 2 / spread ya fingers out / blind trigga / plans for them and you / sirens ringin out _with the wail of a million mothers / _with the roar of millions of brothers / locked up or dead for others / license and registration / nigga who are you where you heading out tonight / nigga why are you here / wherever-you-are is protected / by someone that you should fear / not-just because their white / but because they -clearly have more money than you black thing / speeding / being / tail light / ain't white / ain't right / you _watch what you do / you and your crew them yo niggas / and I'm sure they have family who love em too / who would weep / if something happened / something tragic / here then gone / in an instant / like it was fucking magic no / curb how you speak when you talk to them if you talk to them / don't you talk to them / rotten men your life is a precious thing / yo mama and I both love you / so don't you ever think to fucking bring that drama on yourself / too much bacon spoils ya health / they could kill you / get reassigned / and still walk out with wealth / eat your food little nigga
nigga hungry / nigga starving / mista sleepin nigga country / nigga running / nigga sneakin ever creepin / dead meat / mista seekin they on that ass / 12 deep / pistols reapin / winter souls / in bitter cold / hard lungs / frantic pace / forever chased / but never won / hounds callin / them snatchers hauling / sprint and run and if they catch ya / put a fork in that ass / it's done the lord witcha / breathe in the wind / bloody steps the ice blista / dash with a spin / nigga leapt into the water / can't even swim / flood he swept into the river / it's death for him / below the depth head throbbin / body bobbin off jagged rocks crackers sobbin / shots lobbin and he's outta shot range robbin / their chances often of lynching not hanging offin / a tree his coffin / he'd rather not [chorus] they hunting you nigga / hunting the nigga menace-n they hunting you nigga / hunting you like you venison x8 [frigg james] [chorus] a bla-st / ripped-through the trees / __with icy breeze tore-through ya leg / snow and red / ya feel the freeze hellish pain / the aim maims / ya to ya knees crawl n strain / but all in vain / dear lord please drunk and stupid / them devils move in / try to capture a clean shot / make bodies drop / send them rapture they spread and flee / cuz cowards be / them slave catchers dead-ill-e / how cowards see / themselves as massas no _/ moses step out the moonlight / with horses a rifle / revolver she held tight / and fire 6 shots / reload as them fiends die / expired cold winds / ignited / ol friends reunited rise soldier / we run again / on a mission rise soldier / it never end / we keep vision rise soldier / stand a man / break the chain they hunting you nigga like a deer upon the open range [chorus]
[chorus] you come correct / when you step to me I am best / yes the man to beat / nigga put some respect / when you step to me you wanna test / don't you play with me / nigga _ooooooooooh you bland / _mashed potato niggas x4 I burn true / bring the fiyah! / _come through / get ya highah! / raise the lightah / start the pyah! / gross prolonged necrosis / shits di-ah / I reti-ah / and bury the dead / black attire / muphugah / how you want it / I got a slow buttery death for all my ida-ho opponents / boil or bake em / enjoy the moment I scalp and scallop / with chive and sour / these cowards is fuckin tone death [chorus] [joker] all you care about is money / gotham deserves a better class of criminal / and best believe / I'm gonna give it to em ha ha / I'm sending a message / everything burns all you need is leverage-/-because-it's all apart of the plan / nobody panics / but everyone's manic / a devils mind / inside a angel / holy satanic / flow scars / wanna know how I got em? / funny story I once met a whore / who gave me a sore / that split face n2 _why so serious? / I'm joking / two face / get it / it's laugh / calm down / I wanna cut your face / off n wear it I'm not a monster / I'm just ahead of the curve the civilized eat each other / like this trap shit / but worst the thirst / for success / it's hurts / to see these niggas burst bright then combust / into dust / 69 / on these niggas tragedy / the cycle resumes casually / like atrophy _and I'm agent of chaos / anarchy actually / joker [chorus]
[chorus] niggas wanna eat / yeah they don't want the veggie niggas wanna speak / yeah but they ain't want the veggie niggas gotta beef / yeah cuz they don't want the veggie x3 niggas always beefing / always on some hot shit cooking and deceiving / a different kind of rock shit my crew we be leaving / a forrest in the cockpit / my crew we believing / greens is now lockedhit / copped it / now we running / farming all the profit toxic / people trying get me for my pocket / stop it / mad because I'm knocking and you not it / boxed it / out the ring / Im the cream of the crop quick fire / roasted garlic / cathartic / I chop shit onion / _breath be gunning / I'm gumming on pop stick ers / you been observed / the flavor is top picked fresh / you must confess / you savor my top picks eeeeeeeeeeeeeasy / please believe me / I am the chef nigga eeeeeeeeeeeeeasy / I'm shooting three-zys / like I was Steph nigga breeeeeeeeeeeeezy / broccoli-ni / with cheddar cheese nigga breeeeeeeeeeeeezy / weed panini / munchin on deez nigga veggie [chorus] lentel leek stew stunna / sprout gunna / brussel hustle got you unda / sound wonda / full / fruit salad summer / melon momma / water all up in the booty / and she make thunda / dun dunna / what you done donna / you wanna move yo body / like its salt n pepper / a pusha on my eggplant / as we blowing kusha / I wisha we could dip into a fondue mix / zesty mixture I paint the picture / garden green I grow the fixtures that make ya dishes / delicious / ya stomach hit ya coming back for round two / as I rock the kitch-un nutrients / vitamin / veggie clips is my prescription raw scripture / like god ripped ya / n split ya into two / one for after school / and one for leisure amnesia / on the beat a seizure / supercede ya veggie flow / like bloody Mary nigga / sip the pitcher [chorus] [D.O.P.E.]
tell me who this muphugah who been givin y'all / slaw with his long drawn drawl / stanky jaws / drop / draw your weapon muphugah / bernie with the flow / mac a beat so episodic / the show / goes / primetime / x f o my goal / ultimate is ultimate destruction / rebuild construction / the game / I play / concussions end ya seasons / jesus heathen / give me reason to end ya breathin / it all comes down to one winner / big spender / eat ya dinner / nigga it all comes down to one figure / real hitta / dick bigger / nigga it all comes down to one spitta / bar splitta / dame drilla / nigga it all comes down to one getta / go got her / came wit her / nigga it all comes down to one [chorus] me dat / be dat / see dat / we stack / primo / it all comes down to one he dat / he fat / he smoke / nino / primo it all comes down to one NUMBA ONE!


encouragement to eat better and to eat well.


released September 28, 2019

featuring: FRESH, D.O.P.E., Conflic, Frigg James
with beats by: B.Young, CANIS MAJOR, TreeLo, Mantra, Saavane, OSYM, OhGosh, Caz, Khenz, Secret Stash, S.Dotfire, Nayz, Josh Petruccio, Tony Sway


all rights reserved



Mercury Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Keith Hunter is one of the dopest artists you'll ever meet. Hailing out of the DMV; Jeremy is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong focus in theatre and film acting; writing; and graphic design. As an emerging artist, his talents stretch far as a lyricst and rapper, director, event planner and organizer. Jeremy received his formal training at the College of Southern Maryland. ... more

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